Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q.  Do we need to empty the laundry room?

A.  Only the small items on the units, we will organize the rest!

Q.  Do you clean behind the washer and dryer?

A. Yes, we clean the floor and the walls and wipe down!

Q.  Do you need inside access for dryer cleaning?

A.  Yes, we clean the entire system dryer, room, duct and hood.

Q.  Is the sanitizer safe for our pets?

A.  Yes, all the materials we apply are certified safe for pets and people.

Q.  Do we need to supply parts or tools?

A.  No, our trucks are completely stocked for any service.

Q.  Is there dust from Air Duct Cleaning?

A.  No, we use a high volume vacuum with a HEPA filter system for a dust free cleaning.