Dryer Vent Cleaning

At the heart of our removal program is our HEPA filtered Ro-Vac cleaning system.  This powerful advanced equipment uses a combination of brushes and suction to thoroughly clean your the duct system. First we will test the dryer to identify any problems. We open the shell of the dryer, and thoroughly clean the inside. Motor, shell, lint trap, and heat element. On electric dryers we check the cord for any damage and check for a cord clamp. On gas dryers we clean the lighting area as well as check and clean the connector to the wall, evaluate to be sure it is correct,  then re-attach with the proper clamps. We clean the floors and walls behind the dryer unit. We run a brush system through the duct with a super HEPA filtered vacuum attached. The brush actually scrubs the duct walls. There is a Uniformed LintLifter technician outside to receive the brush and check and clean the outside hood. We inspect the operation of the flap,  and install any rodent covers  as necessary.

Finally, we test and we evaluate the system. We highlight, in writing any details, its overall design and recommend all future service needs. We also clean Air Ducts, Mirrors, Chandeliers,  and the Heating and Cooling systems in your home.

We guarantee you will be satisfied with our service and that your premises will be neat and clean. Our technicians are in uniform, and have undergone background checks and certified training. We want the right people in your home.

LintLifter trucks are labeled and fully equipped to repair or install commercial and residential dryer vent duct work.

The charge for our service is surprisingly reasonable, often paying for itself in lower service and utility costs in just a few months.

The Process:

  • Our Cleaning Process is Complete. Inside and Out!
  • Experienced, trained technicians will CLEAN THE INSIDE of the dryer. This includes: The complete Dryer Shell
  • Interior Lint Trap Housing
  • Interior Duct work
  • Motor Area
  • Heat Element Area (Lint build up here is dangerous!)

Outside of the dryer we clean:

  • The Rear Transition Duct and Connector Tube
  • The Outbound Duct work all the way to the Outside Hood.
  • Clean the area around the dryer leaving the laundry room neat.

The Equipment: We use a powerful Triple-Motor HEPA Filtered Vac and rotating brush system. Designed specifically for dryer vent cleaning, it is the most advanced equipment of its type on the market today.